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Starting to create zines & more art, while forming an eco-anarcha art collective to spread propaganda in the belly of the empire.  Please support on a microscopic level here:

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Libra – The Harvest

Made something for my sign but I think a class analysis, a critique of the origins of production, & the creation of civilization unfolding in tandem with astrology as a “study” needs to be written. If you look at the signs before Libra, which are Leo and Virgo, you find the myths & origins of hierarchal institutional power & servitude. Leo being the monarch the right to rule and enforce (the Sphinx in ancient Egypt -the mind of man/divine imposed upon/above the “animalistic” body) and Virgo in September which is the sign of the worker and the cultivation of the grain (asceticism, sacrifice, reproduction) . Command theory and Leo (rulership) preceding mass agricultural production. Libra follows after in western astrology as the time of the harvest when the days and nights are equal in length and the fruits of our labor must be plucked. It is dividing up/reaping what was sowed collectively, it is free communism!!!! Unfortunately the markets and regulation to appease the rulers also developed. I’m analyzing each sign seasonally in the context of culture, class, & anthropology. More to come.

Speak of Fruit Book

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My book of poetry is out! Paperback & digital copies. It was initially published by ANC press but I attained full rights to publish the second edition on my own. I’m very happy about this & my other upcoming projects. I also designed this cover!

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I am – Luisa

Luisa Capetillo was a Puerto Rican labor organizer & anarchist active in the early 1900s. She was the first woman to wear pants in PR and practiced free love. She was a vegetarian, spiritualist, and was incarcerated for her labor organizing multiple times. Luisa held a vivid anarcho syndicalist philosophy on liberation against the state & capitalism and wrote the first “Feminist Manifesto” in the Caribbean. I painted some parts but this is mainly an analog mixed media collage.

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