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Drew the hands, beach, and floaters.  Everything else is mixed media.

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Drew the bod.  Everything else is mixed media.  Please support me on Ko-fi Art Fund as I raise money for a printer to make cheaper prints, free zines, and other materials to expand my political/collective projects.

Class Series on What is Socialist Feminism

LA Progressive – Class Series

Alliance for ME Socialists – Class Series on What is Socialist Feminism?

In a seven-part class series described below, we will critically examine four of the main socialist feminist theories of gender oppression:  Social Reproduction, Alienation, Intersectionality, Gender Performativity.  We will also examine efforts to conceptualize a socialist humanist alternative to capitalism-racism-sexism-homophobia.  Through this process of examination and discovery, we will draw lessons for socialist feminist revolutionary organizing today.

 Presentations will be given by Frieda Afary,  philosophy M.A., writer, and producer of Iranian Progressives in Translation, Julia Wallace, history graduate, Black anti-racist activist and writer, Lara Al-Kateb, Syrian Gender Studies student,  Ndindi Kitonga, PhD. , Kenyan-American educator, scholar of critical pedagogy and activist,  Silvia La Rote, political scientist graduate,  education worker, artist,  poet, and activist,  Rocio Lopez, Latin American studies graduate and anti-war activist.

For more information and to obtain the full syllabus and the readings, contact: or call Frieda Afary at  310-210-3748.   A $5 donation per class is requested but is not mandatory.   Free parking available.  Art Share L.A. is  near the Little Tokyo Metro Train Station (Gold Line)


I will be focusing on an anti-capitalist, anti-authoritarian, and anarcha-feminist framework for Class 5:  Socialist Feminist Transitions and Visions: Theorizing a Socialist Humanist Alternative to Private and State Capitalism

Required Readings:

Frieda Afary. “From the Transcendence of Capitalism to the Realization of Human Power as an End in Itself:  Review of Peter Hudis’s Marx’s Concept of the Alternative to Capitalism.”  Radical Philosophy Review of Books, 2014.

Maria Mies.  Patriarchy & Accumulation on a World Scale.  Women in the International Division of Labor.  Zed Press, 1998.   Pp. 205-235 (Towards a Feminist Perspective of a New Society).

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